Amidst the last snow melting

My chest is bleeding

The brightest of reds

Requiem for the scarlet

A drop of blood

For everyone who has ever hurt me

The snow is getting darker


Crimson snowflakes fall from the sky

My blood

The meaningless scarlet

Surrounds me

You've promised to mend my wounds

"We can heal each other"

You lied

As you proceeded

To cut my still beating heart out

I tried to save you

While you've butchered my insides

You left me here

Wounded and frightened

Bleeding the waterfalls of red

There is nothing left

To cover my sins

My flaws

But my scars

Bury me into the last snow

With the broken promises

Crawling out of my ribcage

With heart-shaped ice

Trapped inside

When I'll rest motionless

Then, maybe, you'll remember

I would have given you my all

If you only stayed